26 November 2010

que comiencen las fiestas!

I always like to think of my birthday as the start of the holiday season. Conveniently located the week before Thanksgiving, it begins November 17th and continues until January. This year is extra great because I'm in Spain, which means not only will I have my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, there is a puente (long weekend) from Dec. 3-8 and additionally, Christmas isn't over until January 6th (the Epiphany or Día de los Reyes), which is practically just as important as the 25th of December. Let the holidays begin!

My birthday highlight must have been the surprise birthday cards from my students! (Note that they were conveniently told my age just to rub it in a little more.)

And then yesterday I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner, for 20 something people! I was really nervous about the whole thing, but it turned out to be awesome. There were other Auxiliares from the USA that work in the area, as well as friends from Spain, Greece, Finland, Russia, and Georgia to name a few, learning about our holiday first-hand! It was a lot of time and work, and a ton of food, but it was so worth it. My mom helped a lot by sending some canned pumpkin, cranberry and other Thanksgiving essentials to Spain. We were also able to order a turkey here as well! In true Spanish style, we didn't eat until around 10:30 pm, but there was everything, including: turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry, pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn and other vegetables, cornbread, and of course a pumpkin pie, cherry pie, apple crisp, and other desserts. I was quite proud because the turkey turned out perfect despite it being my first time cooking a turkey! I had a lot of help though, and I couldn't have done it without everyone else (or my mom for sending me Tgivs essentials).  Here are some pictures of just part of the smörgåsbord of food that was at our Thanksgiving meal last night:

Thanksgiving in Spain was a total success! Now it is officially acceptable to start celebrating the next holiday- Christmas!

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