30 December 2012

Word of the week: ¡Qué bochinche!

It's been a while since I've done a word of the week (let alone write on the blog)! Now that I'm on a break from grad school, hopefully I'll get some writing done (and I haven't forgotten about the postcards!) This week's word is bochinche, which is an extremely common word in Puerto Rico that means gossip! And of course, you can't talk about bochinche and Puerto Rico without mentioning... La Comay! The most-seen television show in PR, SuperXclusivo, is a celebrity gossip-turned-political commentary show featuring a giant puppet  with a somewhat annoying voice called La Comay, or "the Godmother", famous for saying "Qué bochinche!" after revealing the juiciest happenings on the Island and elsewhere! 

In a sentence: ¡Chica, tienes que escuchar este bochinche!

Other words that are derived from bochinche are:
  • bochinchar - to gossip
  • bochinchero, bochinchera - a gossips or someone who gossips or is gossipy

The word in more standard Spanish would be chisme, but in PR bochiche is omnipresent! The word chismoso in Puerto Rico can also mean someone who easily gets worked up over something, just like the word enchismar, which means to get upset or get worked up, as in: Marta se enchismó cuando le contaron lo que había pasado. 

Now that you know how to properly talk about gossip, enjoy this clip from SuperXclusivo:


  1. Interesting that "chisme" can mean gossip too; I had only heard it as "knickknack."

    I like these words but I can't use them, because if I did my Spanish family would be like, "Huuuuuuh?!" :)

    1. Haha yea they would definitely be confused hehe you can use them if you ever come to PR or meet a Puerto Rican!

  2. Ashlee, did you see the recent controversy over La Comay? I guess chisme...o bochinche can get you in trouble sometimes too!

    1. Yes I did hear about it! Everyone was talking about it, a lot of people said they were going to boycott... however everyone still watches! Thanks for the article, I didn't know it had made the US news! Very interesting!

  3. La Comay is not different from Howard Stern. The only difference is La Comayin on tv and Howard Stern is on the radio